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Yorkshire Gin Tasting Hamper



Four bottles of Yorkshire Gin for the Gin lover.

Whittaker’s Pink Peculiar, 50cl, 42{07cfb9b0936fa8cb7dd4f65202fdeadb631a498cf7aa32174db49ac4c70f198f} Botanicals include Pink Peppercorns & Hibiscus

Whittaker’s Navy Strength, 50cl, 57{07cfb9b0936fa8cb7dd4f65202fdeadb631a498cf7aa32174db49ac4c70f198f} Classic Whittakers Yorkshire Gin with Juniper, Thyme, Bog Myrtle but Navy Cut Strength.

Little Red Berry, Yorkshire Sloe Gin, 35cl, 26{07cfb9b0936fa8cb7dd4f65202fdeadb631a498cf7aa32174db49ac4c70f198f} The Classic Hip Flask essential.

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin, 20cl, 42{07cfb9b0936fa8cb7dd4f65202fdeadb631a498cf7aa32174db49ac4c70f198f} The original Yorkshire Gin infused with Yorkshire Tea.

Presented in a Town End Farm Shop kraft bottle carrier.


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